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Extrupack maintains a lean and compact organizational structure. Most of the management team have been with the company for more than 10 years and are experts in their respective fields as well as in the field of aluminum tubes.
The founder (photo on the left), Mr. Jos Winata Wihardja, is still active as Chief Executive Officer of the company.


Board of Directors
Mr. Jos Winata Wihardja
Founder and President Director

Mr. Hubertus Dharma Wihardja
Co-founder and President Commissioner

Mr. Antonius Anwar Wihardja
Plant Manager

Mr. Ivans Kustanto
Marketing Manager

Mr. Martin Aryanto Atmadja
Technical Manager

Mr. Vic Alvarez Aguila
Finance Controller

Mr. Freddin Warsto
HRD Manager

Mr. Dicky Feriadi
Acting Production Manager
Quality Assurance Manager