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Aluminium Tubes
Use of aluminium tubes as a packaging material has been around for quite a long time.  It will remain a reliable packaging material because of its outstanding sealing property which can protect its product contents from exposure to air, light and moisture.  Aluminium tubes are also unbreakable and lightweight making it a practical alternative packaging.  Aluminium tubes are recyclable making it one the more environmentally friendly packaging material available.

Extrupack manufactures two type of aluminium tubes; collapsible aluminium tubes and rigid aluminium tubes (aluminium cans).


Collapsible aluminium tubes
Collapsible aluminium tubes are used as a primary packaging material for semi-liquid products such as creams, ointments, food, dyes, glue, sealants, etc.  As the name suggests, collapsible aluminium tubes are soft so that consumers can squeeze the the tubes to extract its semi-liquid contents.

Collapsible aluminium tubes are used by the pharmaceutical industry for primary packing material of creams and ointments.  Extrupack’s collapsible aluminium tubes conform to strict pharmaceutical standards including packing ophthalmic ointments.  Another use of collapsible aluminium tubes is the cosmetic industry where it is used to pack corrosive hair dyes.  When internally lined with the appropriate lacquer, collapsible aluminium tubes serve as a stable corrosion-free packaging.  The food industry use collapsible aluminium tubes for sandwich spreads, milk and other semi-liquid food products.  Finally, industrial products which are sensitive to exposure to air also use collapsible aluminium tubes.  Examples of these are super glue, epoxy adhesives, all purpose glues and sealants.


Rigid aluminium tubes (aluminium cans)
Rigid aluminium tubes can be used to pack tablets, caplets, aerosol sprays and marker pens.  The pharmaceutical industry normally use rigid aluminium tubes (aluminium cans) to pack effervescent tablets which are very sensitive to moisture.  Caplets also use rigid aluminium tubes as a primary packaging material.

The cosmetic industry use aluminium cans for aerosol sprays such as deodorants, perfumed mists, mouth sprays, etc.  The excellent sealing property of aluminium cans ensure that sprays do not leak.

The stationery industry use rigid aluminium tubes for the bodies of felt pen markers.  Again, the excellent sealing property of aluminium tubes ensure that ink solvents of the markers are contained properly.